The Soul Mate Myth

Are you still looking for your soul mate?
Do you believe that you have found your soul mate already?
Maybe you feel the whole soul mate thing is meaningless or over rated…

A Southern California dentist explained his position to me this way…
He said, “I’m tired of women who are just looking for a Sugar Daddy. If that’s all there is out there, I’d rather be alone.”

This man thinks he’s a victim of the “gold digging materialistic women type” living in Southern California. But in reality, he is just another victim of his own misunderstanding.

What has he missed and misunderstood?
The “nature of love” as defined through the Principles of one’s own “Infinite Heart”… and an understanding of “self” as illustrated through the Principles of the “Soul Mate Myth”.

A myth is not always something unreal. Joseph Campbell, the ultimate contemporary mythologist, taught us that myths are representations of archetypes which reveal our soul’s desires. What I term the “Soul Mate Myth” is exactly that - a myth that reveals what every human soul longs for: the perfect soul mate!

A Soul Mate Question

This leads to a question that is a difficult one for us to ask ourselves:
What makes us think we deserve the perfect mate if we are not perfect ourselves?

Often when we criticize others, it is the result of seeing a part of ourselves in them that we don’t like. The dentist is also a victim of his own materialism. Is he searching for his soul mate in the body of a young Playboy bunny type woman?

The dentist’s comment reminds me of a story I heard from author and radio talk show host Dennis Prager. He described an orthodox Jewish friend who was looking for his soul mate and just couldn’t find her. Dennis asked him to explain in detail the ideal woman he was looking for. The friend said, “A Playboy bunny who studies torah.”

Soul Mates and Relationships

Life necessitates relationships - either to people or to things. A romantic relationship is often our most important one. Either we’re in one… or we’re looking for someone to get in one with, or would like to get in to one.

We all want to have great relationships with the people in our lives. But how many of us can honestly say there is no one with whom we don’t feel some degree of resentment?

The Soul Mate Myth and the Infinite Heart

Anyone married, engaged or in a romantic relationship has a “significant other.” But how many readers consider their “primary relationship”, or significant other to be themselves? Yourself..?
The Delphic Oracle may have said two of the wisest words ever pronounced: Know Thyself. How many people really know themselves? And how can or will we ever really know ourselves?

The answer is… by perceiving ourselves - through the eyes of those we relate to – hence by viewing ourselves through our relationships. Very few of us attempt this practice and fewer yet, succeed at it. I suggest that this is due to unbalanced ego. Few of us have developed our self worth to the point where we no longer become defensive when someone disagrees with us or criticizes us.

Soul Mate Myth / Personal Transformation

When we talk about relationships we are normally talking about one person having a relationship with another person. So how can you have a relationship with yourself - since you are just one person? Who is relating to whom, or to what? Seems confusing doesn’t it?

The answer is… that you are really two entities. (No wonder we’re all a little schizoid). There is the “human”, physical you and there is the “divine”, metaphysical you. And one of the most profound accomplishments attainable in this life - each of our lifetimes - is one’s own ability to learn to transform “human nature” into “divine nature”.

A Soul Mate Quote - from Dr. Michael Mason

“ When you find the perfect love, the soul mate within yourself, which is your Infinite Heart, you will find the perfect love within all others”.

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